By fully understanding the logistics and detailed requirements of our customers and other interested parties, PM Group International, Inc. (PMGI) is committed to meet or exceed those requirements and expectations, conform to all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and provide safe, quality products and services. PMGI is continually improving the quality and safety of our products and services to maintain our reputation as a leader in the wholesale importing/exporting business of specialty and synthetic oil products, which distributes base and specialty oils to the industry from contracted volumes.


  • Provide our customers with cost effective, safe, high quality products and services
  • Provide these products and services on time
  • Provide open communications with our customers, suppliers and other interested parties
  • Provide a Quality Management System focused on continuous improvement and quality

Our Quality Management System (QMS) conforms to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and applies the principles of NACD Responsible Distribution Process and Technical Standard. The QMS is reviewed, at least annually, for continuing conformity.

PM Group International Inc.’s team members have a direct impact on our organization’s growth and reputation throughout the markets.  PMGI provides training for team members in the functional aspects of their jobs and in the pursuit of knowledge to increase performance and customer satisfaction.